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Who We Are?

 Munif Alnahdi Trading Group, is proud to be offering services and supporting customers through Mize Centers and Parts stores. Mize centers are equipped with highest standards and capabilities from machinery and technical teams to provide the best services to our customers. We are also proud to be provided support and and after-sale services to all our customers around the kingdom

Provides ...

We want you to relax when it comes to car services, at Mize we provide services and parts and with more options to choose from at our Mize services Centers.

No More Hassles .. Services & Parts at One Place

Our Main Services


Mize centers provice car services and maintenance for any car maker brand, we proudly offer several services and options with the highest standards in Saudi Arabia. At our services you can find mechanic, electrical, oil change, dents and paints jobs, detailing, window films, advanced wash and more.

Spare Parts

We provide you with more options to choose from to spare you the hassle of looking around the market, whether you are looking for OEM, after marekt, we've got you covered and from authorized dealers such as Toyota, Lexus, Mize, Hyundai and more including warranties

Mobile Auto Services

We want to simplify life for our customers, that’s why we are happy to introduce Mobile Auto Services, we quick services are brought to you at work or at home. Just contact us to book your service today.

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